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How We Design and Build Custom Adirondack Rustic Furniture for Homes and Gardens

Steve Bowers descends from a long line of golf club makers, which is an unlikely genesis for a rustic furniture maker. The connection is craftsmanship and creativity. Steve’s father is a well-known golf club maker, and his grandfather is actually in the PGA Hall of Fame as a club maker and teaching innovator.

At some point a fork in the road presented itself and Steve was drawn in by the beating of those different drums, Congas… or was it Bongos? Anyway, down that different road he went… gone were the green plaid, Sansabelt slacks and Izod golf shirt and in their place was, blue stretch jeans, and rough hewn hiking boots.

1. Chair Design Drawing

2. Aquiring roots for chair legs

3. Cleaning and leveling a large group of roots

4. Selecting the legs

5. Assembling the frame and selecting the arms

6. Selecting the seat and back

7. Carving and shaping the seat and back

8. Fitting the side cup holder

9. Final adjustments and assembly

10. Add twig work and stain

11 Six coats of oil finish

12. Delivered to its new home

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